Three Ways You Can Use Social Media Advertising for Your Business

Three Ways You Can Use Social Media Advertising for Your Business

The world of social media is one of the most chaotic places in the entire world. Almost everybody is in here, and some can even use multiple identities. With social media, you can connect with friends, strangers and even public figures. Some of them can be fictional as well. This is not much different from the real world, but the view of potential anonymity makes all the difference. You can practically say anything and the whole world can hear about it. This is why social media advertising is not just a future way of marketing. It is the now.

We all know what social media is: a website that lets other people connect with others in a series of convoluted relationship connections. There are so many sites that you can choose from when you want to look for a website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Reddit are just a few of the mainstream examples. It can be a confusing world, but it can be a fun one, especially to those who are into marketing.

You see, these websites make advertising a lot easier. All of these people are just in one place. In theory, you can advertise anything and a lot more people can see it. Take for example, a television commercial. This has been used for a long time, and it has gone through a lot of iterations. Companies spend millions just to get a 30-second ad that will play on schedule. You might be thinking that this is the widest coverage that you will have for an audience.

The Decline of Traditional Methods

Unfortunately, TV ads do not reach the number audiences that they want anymore. The Superbowl is one of the most widely anticipated and watched programs in the US. Even the surrounding countries have some sort of fascination over this event. However, the trend of the viewers for TV is becoming lower and lower each passing year. You can attribute this to the loss of interest in the sport prior to the movement of the viewers from TV to the internet. This is what matters now: there are less people using the TV for their entertainment and information.

In this case, social media is now rising to be one of the best ways to advertise anything. Combine that with your SEO, it can be an effective strategy for your product. You might still be wondering in the ways that you can use this medium for what you want. There are a lot, to be honest, but the following are some of the most common ways.

Introducing Content Marketing

You may have already heard about content marketing. It can be considered as a branch of search engine optimization, but it can be used in other ways as well. To put it simply, this is the creation and usage of high-quality content to improve your site’s rankings on searches. This is for the search engine though, and it can be quite different once you get into social media. Even though SEO can still be applied here, there are other ways that you can do it through content marketing.

The content that is being referred here is not just about blog posts. In social media, the term blog post conjures the idea of a long and boring essay. Nobody wants to read that in the fast paced world of social media. When you want to market here, you need to use images, short texts and videos. The easier for the people to ingest your content, the better the turnout will be. With these media, they do not have to look at it for longer than a minute. This is why, as a content creator, you need to make sure that it will leave a lasting impact even after they have left the website.

Also, it is important to note that the content should be useful, relevant, and timely to your target audience or demographic. You can always look and track the trends so that you might be able to relate to the younger generation. If you are targeting someone older, then look for ideas that may resonate with their core values as well. This really depends on your target market, and this will also determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Social Media Tools

Another way that you can market in social media is through itself. You can contact the developers, moderators and the teams of the certain website that you want to advertise in. Most of them have programs that will support your endeavor for a price. Facebook Ads is one of the best examples of this kind of strategy. You can pay Facebook directly so that your advertisement will appear on your market’s news feed. The pricing will depend on the coverage or the extent of how far your ad can reach. The wider that is, the higher is its price as well.

As mentioned, this is a strategy that you really need to pay the price. This is also one way of disseminating your content to your intended audience. However, it can be so much more affordable than the traditional way of advertising. Arguably, it also has a wider reach.

Using Influencers

This might be one of the more controversial strategies when using social media. Influencers are referring to the celebrities of the internet world. They might also be well-known outside of their online work, but most of them actually honed their following online. There are a lot of genres to choose from when it comes to these influencers. You can use them to advertise your content in the same way that traditional marketing uses celebrities, athletes and other public figures.

An advantage of these influencers against the typical public figure is they seem to be more relatable than the latter. As most of them are using videos that they filmed themselves, it seems more intimate and they feel closer to their audience. This way they can also reach out to them better as well. However, what makes them controversial is a lot of them can be unreliable. Their following might dissipate in just a span of a season. You need to be very careful in who you choose as a brand ambassador or advertiser.