Google Ads or SEO: A Decisive Battle

Google Ads or SEO: A Decisive Battle

Google Ads is a program by the same company which lets you advertise on their platform as a business. All of us are familiar with Google and how they work. We have seen their offices and some of us are also dreaming of working or even just getting there. They have a lot of platforms to share with the world. However, Google Ads (previously Adwords) give a very different experience and many businesses have been using it ever since. First off, let us discuss what made them dominant in this field.

There has been a lot of changes that are going on in the marketing world. It all started with the decline of TV viewing because of the internet. We all know that the introduction of the television back in the mid-1900s had caused a big difference in a lot of areas. People have started going to musicals and roadshows way less. Radio was also on the decline and printed media was also going through the same path. They may not have been eradicated, but the viewers and users have decreased into the more critical areas.

A similar phenomenon is now happening with television. Cable media, in particular, are scrambling to enter the streaming business because it is seen as safe and more profitable. With the arrival of all the streaming services and people moving to the internet, there should be a place where ads can be shown. Google Ads is one of these ways, and it uses the search engine itself to market something for you.

The Difference Between The New And Traditional Media

One of the most apparent differences of these media for advertising is the target. TV, radio and printed ads want to target as many people as possible. This is very easy for products and services that are universally needed or used. Also, it has to be tailored so that there would be a minimal backlash when it would be introduced to the market. With Google Ads, you can pinpoint which part of the population you want to advertise.

This is mainly through search patterns, As modern humans, we rely on search engines like Chrome to answer our questions. Whether we are looking for a certain product, service or location, Google has the answers for us. The company and its technology rank the websites that you see when you use their search function. The more reliable and trustworthy the content of your website, the higher you get. This is known as an organic link, and Google does not charge you for this.

The way to get to the top of this search list is through search engine optimization or SEO. You need to be familiar with the algorithms and trends that Google introduces to its users. Remember, they want to be seen as the most trustworthy search engine and they only need quality content at the top. Based on research, more than 70% of Google users stay on the first page only. On a personal level, when was the last time you saw the second of your Google searches anyway? If you were looking for something more specific, you just end up using another keyword instead of going to page two.

Why You Might Also Need Google Ads

Being at the top of the search list for your chosen keyword is already a feat in itself. After all, you need to have the highest quality content, links and images to be on this part of the page. Other factors can help you stay right there as well.

However, the ads for Google are even positioned higher than the organic links. This is because you need to pay Google for this position. It is a good example of a pay per click type of advertisement. This is where Google Ads comes into the scene. You need to bid for certain keywords in which you want your ad to show up when used.

Let us say that you are advertising a massage service online. Naturally, you would want to show up when the term “massage service” is used in the research. However, the more general the term will be, the higher the price for those certain words. This is because there are already many bidders regarding this certain search term because there is more chance of people using it.

On the other hand, you can make it a bit more specific. You can bid for Shiatsu massage service IN. This makes the results narrower, and there is less chance of people using it. However, this increases the chances of someone clicking on your ad. This is known as long-tail keywords, and they are effective in increasing the chances of having an actual sale.

More Specific Words Equals More Profit (In the Long Run)

Why is this the case? The specificity of the search already gives you a clue that it is rather needed or wanted by the user. They just don’t want to learn about something or looking for answers, they are now looking for solutions. A long-tail keyword may lead to fewer clicks, but it increases the possibility that the user will buy your products or use your services.

To gain these keywords, you need to understand your business first as well as the needs of the consumers. The way that they search and use these words can lead you to the long-tail keywords that you are looking for. If you have already applied the principles of SEO, this is going to be so much easier for you since your foundations are already there. You just need to focus more on the details.

Google Ads is considered as one of the most effective ways you can advertise something on the internet. It is so much more affordable, and you can target your chosen demographics. However, there are other ways of advertising not just with Google. You need to find out what works for your business so that you might be able to use it.