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We work with a variety of businesses in Los Angeles that all have one thing in common, they need more local business. Our Los Angeles web design and SEO has helped to rank thousands of high-competition keywords to the top positions in the search engines. We have found that top ranking positions are obtained for our clients that they receive huge increases in monthly leads and sales.


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Web Design Los Angeles Testimonials

  • We have worked with Web Design Los Angeles for over 8 years now and have nothing but positive things to say about them! They offer fantastic support and are responsive to all of our questions. Not only do they build great websites, they really specialize in driving qualified traffic to websites, the SEO they provide is second to none.

    Ronald Clive

Website Audits Are Critical

Every winning SEO Strategy starts with a thorough website audit – and the best thing about Web Design Los Angeles is that we do this (often) expensively charged process absolutely free! One of our core principles as a team is to produce results. We wish to help clients globally achieve their idea of online success by boosting their digital presence and helping them gain market advantage. So instead of bombarding them with heavy financial commitments at the start, we give them a good head start. Our free website audit comes in video format wherein we explain your website’s strengths and weaknesses in detail and suggest ways, strategies, and services that can help improve the reliability and credibility of your site as they are very crucial ranking factors. Our team believes in up-close and personal collaboration with clients as effective communication is always key to success. We check factors like:

  • On-page SEO
  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Effectivity of Current Web Design
  • Responsiveness and Speed of Website
  • Content Quality
  • And many, many more

A thorough investigation is necessary to create an encompassing marketing strategy that will help your business exceed limits and hit target sales and quotas on a monthly basis. Once we know exactly what your website is lacking and as soon as we make them known to you, we give you free reign. We let all our clients decide how to move forward. Are they going with our detailed plan or do they have something else to add? Do they want to compare it with other offers first? Whatever the client decides, we respect. We hold them no obligation to continue with us after we conduct a 100% free website audit.

Our Los Angeles Web Design Process

If you wish to continue with us and allow us to transform your website into a center of busy traffic (the good kind), then the next step is the onboarding process wherein we’ll orient you about what’s going to happen from the point of contract and onwards. During this time, we tell you, in detail, exactly what we plan to do and how you will be involved in the process. You see, we really value our clients’ participation in the campaigns that we do. We don’t mean that we delegate some of the work back to you. By involvement, we are referring to always keeping you in the loop and valuing your opinions. We recognize that since you are the owner of the website, you would know what will make you the happiest and we want to bring that happiness of yours to life.

During the onboarding process, we also acquaint with a few of our ground rules and you’d be surprised to know that some rules are actually to your advantage as well. Twelve long years of perfecting our services has taught us that contracts and bonds do not make clients stay – quality service does. This is why we have a NO COMMITMENT policy. This means that every day, you get the choice of whether you want to keep working with us or not. You can cut ties with us at any given time – after a year, a month, or even just a day.

We don’t believe there is merit in forcing a client to stay just because of a bond. We’d be defeating our very core principle in SEO which is enhancing user experience. But even without this No Commitment Policy, guess what? We have clients who have stayed with us from the start of our journey up to the present day. This should tell you enough about the quality of the services that we offer. So, what are you waiting for? Come on aboard!

Our Services Are Catered Towards Our Clients

We may have ranked 12,000 high-traffic keywords to date but that is not to say that things are any easier around these parts of the digital world. SEO is a long-term investment with big returns. If you want to maximize your keep, you have to learn to be patient. The reason why most campaigns fail, after all, is the impatience of many clients. But why can’t they wait? It’s probably because their agency wasn’t being very honest with them in the first place. It could be that they were promised the solar system but were given a moon – or worse, an asteroid. Just a literal junk in cyber space.

You can trust that with our Los Angeles Web Design Company, such things won’t be happening. Not just because we work faster and better but because we pride ourselves in honesty and integrity. We know that our clients aren’t cash cows for us to milk on. We know that marketing funds eventually run out. So instead of pushing our clients to live off paycheck to paycheck, we properly communicate with them every step of the way. If we need to apply a new method that will incur additional costs (which rarely ever happens), we consult them. If they don’t want it, then we don’t do it. We don’t just move the project along according to our own satisfaction. We work within the client’s budget and that’s just what our loyal partners love about working with us. Communication is our strong point.

Innovative Website Solutions

The world of SEO is ever-evolving and it’s important that both the specialist and the client are on the same page about that. If the client wants to take their business up to the next level, we help them do that by offering innovative ideas and strategies whenever and wherever. If the client thinks the upgrade isn’t necessary for their needs, we don’t push for them either. Our number one aim is to inform and suggest – never to pester. We give our clients a quick update and get their opinion on the matter. We best believe that by working this closely with our clients, we can generate the best results while fostering a harmonious relationship. This is why our catered website design services have a 12-year clean track record in this industry possible.

Our Plans Include Ongoing Maintenance

Lastly, we don’t just help you out one time and then leave you out in the cold. Everyone in practically the whole E-commerce universe is out to get you when you finally rank in the SERPs. Naturally, they would want to steal your spot – it’s a great spot to be in, after all. This is why SEO also requires maintenance even after you’ve managed to successfully rank your pages for high-traffic keywords. You have to protect your territory and avoid being outperformed by other websites.

But despite what they say, “Success comes at a high price” or whatever, our SEO company will continue to maintain your website and try our absolute best to obtain and maintain top rankings.

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